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♦Jimmy Choo Cynosure Booties

♦Jimmy Choo Cynosure Booties

I like these brand new Jimmy Choo Cynosure Booties so much that I dedicate my own post to this glittering evening shoe.

This high heel bootie sparkles extremely due to its many crystals. In addition, there is the embroidery with lots of pearls on delicate net mesh. Just great! The unique stiletto heel with ball is completely covered with crystals. No wonder this is a limited edition pair of shoes. This shoe is actually too good to wear. He belongs in the first row in a glass showcase.

Enough has been said now. You can already tell that I'm totally blown away. Now take a look at my pictures. You can find pins in different sizes for your Pinterest pin boards.

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Do you like it when it really glitters? Then combine the Jimmy Choo Cynosure booties with the Jimmy Choo Bon Bon in satin crystal mesh with a crystal handle. This is a really long pin.