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unfortunately, I have to stop my newsletter via Google Feedburner due to changes made by Google. I want to thank you for your loyalty. I hope to find an alternative soon.

Emmy DE

Brilliant Luxury by Emmy DE

Welcome on my site Brilliant Luxury!

Brilliant Luxury by Emmy DE #brilliantluxury
Thank you for stopping by. A little bit about me:
In 2014 I decided to go online with my blog to share my Pinterest optimized, fashionable and aesthetic Pins with you.

I love the little things that make our lives more beautiful. It's great to discover and to create new pins for Pinterest. Especially luxury accessories like shoes, bags and jewelry and new fashion trends. In the meantime I have perfected my own style for this. Every now and then I change the pin design, which gives your pinboards a new dynamic.

For me it was important to clarify: How do I present my pins correctly? How do I stand out from the crowd? Creating new designs makes you unique.

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No pin limits ~ happy pinning!

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Travelling around the world is my other great passion. What is more exciting than exploring different cultures and meeting new people? These are the countries I have visited so far. I hope the corona pandemic will soon be under control and I can travel again. Stay safe!
Antigua und Barbuda (1) Austria (7) Belgium (2) Belize (1) British Virgin Islands (Tortola) (1) Cayman Islands (3) Colombia (1) Costa Rica (1) Cuba (6) Denmark (4) Dominican Republic (2) Egypt (25) Estonia (1) Finland (3) France (8) Germany :) Greece (5) Honduras (1) Hungary (1), India (1) Indonesia (2) Israel (4) Italy (19) Jamaica (3) Jordan (2) Kenya (2) Liechtenstein (2) Luxemburg (22) Malaysia (2) Maldives (3) Mauritius (1) Mexico (2) Monaco (3) Morocco (1) Namibia (1) Netherlands (9) Norway (2) Oman (3) Panama (1) Poland (1) Puerto Rico (1) Russia (1) San Marino (2) Senegal (1) Seychelles (2) Singapore (1) South Africa (1) Spain (17) Sri Lanka (2) Sweden (3) Switzerland (12) Tanzania (2) Thailand (1) Tunisia (4) Turkey (6) United Arab Emirates (1) United Kingdom (2) United States of America (1) Vatican (3)
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